“Donna is a superstar and has earned her right to be one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.”  

Debbie Ford, Author & Founder, The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching.

"I have been Donna's student, client, and partner on several projects. She is one of the most insightful, thoughtful, and dedicated coaches I have ever met. She creates the space for her clients to safely explore and grow in their lives while supporting them to reach for their dreams. Her life coaching changes lives as do her presentation skills trainings. Because of what she has taught me, I have stepped into roles in my life that I never dreamed possible. If you are looking to gain more self-confidence and be able to step up and speak out in the world, there is no better coach than Donna."  

K. Hertz,  Life Coach for Women Struggling with Divorce

"Donna is one of the most potent, wise spiritual leaders I have ever met. To spend time in her presence is to be transformed.  No one is safe in their self-imposed limitation when the fire of her love, compassion and deep commitment to truth ignites what has long laid dormant. If you aren’t interested in waking up to your full potential stay away from this woman!”  

Justin Hilton, Owner, Real Estate Investment Company.

"One session with Donna Lipman opened my eyes to why I was my greatest (and only) barrier.  She gave me a new question to live with:  'What am I more committed to, my dreams or my excuses?' She’s simply the best.”  

John C. Foster, Business Owner, Austin, Texas.

“Donna is a profound catalyst who uses highly polished skills, great commitment, and a deeply loving heart to access the power within me to create the life I choose.” 

Ross Allegro, Judge, San Marcos, Texas.

“Donna listens respectfully to the person she coaches always asking, very powerfully, just the “right questions” to help them go deeper to find their own answers and their own truth. Donna’s coaching integrity has been a great example for me." 

Rosemary Redmond. Attorney at Law.

“Donna has consistently held me in the highest vision of myself and what I can accomplish. Through her coaching and guidance, I have empowered myself to accomplish goals and dreams that at one time I never thought possible. Forever in gratitude." 

J. Fleming, Master Integrative Life Coach. 


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