Drawing from 20 years of corporate experience, Donna is a recognized presentation skills expert who provides tangible results to her clients. She helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees integrate the communication and leadership skills that are critical for success. 

A keynote speaker, coach, trainer, and author, Donna helps people identify the barriers that prevent them from captivating their audiences and provides  specific strategies to eliminate obstacles that impede their success.  Donna creates and atmosphere of safety and connection with her audiences and clients, allowing them to delve deeper and become braver in their presentation style. She insightfully propels them beyond mediocre to magnificent.

Donna's decades-long experience as a life coach has uniquely qualified her to help people uncover hidden obstacles that are limiting their performance and their careers. No matter how smart, most people are unable to recognize the behaviors or unconscious habits that are holding them back. Donna is an expert at helping clients pinpoint and turn-around these self sabotaging behaviors. 

Companies worldwide have discovered that Donna is a valuable resource as they work to groom their employees for leadership positions and optimal success. Many corporate clients call on her regularly to work with their employees. Integrating her proven techniques she delivers high-impact sessions that help organizations and individuals maximize their talent.

Time and again, Donna has witnessed those who advance most rapidly demonstrate exceptional emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to communicate, collaborate and connect with others. Donna is passionate about helping people incorporate these “intangible” proficiencies into their skill set. Donna teaches her clients exactly how to adopt new behaviors that can get them hired, valued, and promoted.


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