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Individual Coaching


When it comes to presenting in front of a group, you may find yourself well outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps your deepest desire is to engage and inspire your audience but you haven't been able to achieve this goal. It is not uncommon for seasoned business executives to feel confident in their field of expertise, yet find they struggle when it comes to expressing their ideas clearly and effectively. 

If you are ready to step into the spotlight and take your communication skills to the next level, individual Presentation Skills training is the most effective way to get there.

While we will address the basics of public speaking, what sets my coaching apart are my years of experience as a life coach. I will work with you to discover the underlying blocks keeping you from becoming a dynamic and inspiring speaker. You will learn how to move beyond your fears and self-sabotaging inner monologue to become a speaker who embodies ease and freedom.

Public speaking skills can benefit  everyone, a candidate looking for a new job, an entrepreneur growing a business, or a content employee  looking to improve her communication abilities. 

Refining your presentation skills will offer countless opportunities.

Individual coaching can be done either online or in-person.

Corporate Group Training


You've got a website, a blog, vlog, a Facebook page, you Tweet about your company, Instagram your brand name, and make YouTube videos into the night, but is this enough? In today's world, public speaking skills and face to face interaction may seem old fashioned, but they are key to business success and reaching your goals, building brand loyalty, overcoming obstacles, and producing a return on investment.

Corporate group training focuses on improving emotional intelligence (EQ) and presentation skills and by extension, staff performance.  The more fluent your employees become in these critical subjects, the more success your business will acheive. 

All aspects of presentation are addressed in group trainings, and can be customized to suit your specific needs. What sets my trainings apart are my years of experience as a life coach.  Teams are supported to rapidly and radically shift beliefs and behaviors that limit their performance in the business environment.  

I possess a wealth of experience and perspective to benefit high-performing individuals and organizations and am committed to providing the highest level of service.

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