Meet Donna

Donna has worked in the coaching and training industries for the past 19 years and helped thousands of clients achieve increased professional and personal success through public speaking. 

Described as quiet and shy for most of her life, Donna had difficulty projecting her own voice into the world. Her fear of rejection, looking stupid, or people thinking she was a fraud or imposter, kept her from achieving that which she most desired: to be a teacher, leader and performer. It was her introduction to the work of renowned best-selling author and thought leader, Debbie Ford, that began a huge life transformation. The skills she learned at The Ford Institute enabled her to finally find and fearlessly use her voice. In fact, within a few years, she worked her way up the ranks at the institute to become lead trainer and one of only two people, other than Debbie herself, to present the 3-day transformational program “The Shadow Process.” 

Today, Donna leads groups and teaches presentation skills to entrepreneurs across the globe, including Korea, Colombia, Japan, and India and is a contracted consultant with the University of Texas and Symphony Natural Health . She loves traveling the world and helping technology innovators bridge cultural gaps through presentation and communication. She says, “Not only are we helping leaders promote technology but also furthering worldwide cooperation."

Donna recently published, Beyond Resistance: Coping with the Stress of the Trump Era, touted by Van Jones of CNN as "Timely and worth the read,"  She also serves on two boards - Challenge Day, an organization that offers holistic and experiential personal development programs to middle and high school students, and The Center for Spiritual Living Central Texas. 

Donna lives the vibrant city of Austin, TX with her husband, Tom Parish. A songstress for the past 40 years, she loves to sing as a member of the fun and funny band, The Texas Love Birds. Donna spends much of her free time enjoying Tom and their ever-expanding family of five children and seven grandchildren!


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