Meet Donna

An insightful coach and dynamic presentations skills trainer, Donna strives to empower people to project their most powerful voice and presence in the world. For the past 19 years, she has worked extensively in the coaching and training industry and has helped thousands of people to step up and into their voice, whether in front of an audience of 5,000 or a small working group of 3. She was first introduced to this life-altering possibility by the renowned best-selling author and thought leader, Debbie Ford.  Donna resonated with Debbie's philosophies immediately and, in just a few years, worked her way up the ranks at the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. She became lead trainer of the organization and one of two, other than Debbie herself,  to present a unique program called the “Shadow Process Retreat.” 

Donna teaches presentation skills to entrepreneurs across the globe, including Korea, Colombia, and India, and consults with IC2 at the University of Texas. "Traveling the world and bringing fresh perspectives is extremely rewarding work.  Not only are we promoting technology but worldwide cooperation."

Donna recently published a book with co-author, Kathy Hertz, an activist and coach in the D.C. area. The book, Beyond Resistance: Coping with the Stress of the Trump Era, was touted by Van Jones of CNN as "Timely and worth the read." This is not a Trump bashing book but rather an opportunity to use the current political climate as a catalyst for change. Donna and Kathy feel as though Donald Trump has provided the country a valuable gift - "He has awakened us to our collective and individual power." 

Donna's motto is, “Your voice matters!” She has taught her tips and skills to over 1000 students, supporting all who are ready to step up and step out.  It’s clear that, in this age of information and knowledge, whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or leading a nonprofit,  most people will be required to present themselves, at some point, to the world (a meeting, an interview, a speech.)  However, many are more afraid of this than dying (yes, statistics show this!) Donna says, "If I can do it, you can too!"  Donna grew up afraid of people, remaining quiet and introverted. She couldn’t put two clear sentences together without stumbling all over her words, certain no one really wanted to hear what she had to say anyway. With commitment, training, support from others who believed in her (and a little belief in herself,) she was able to break through the fears that gripped her for so many years. She is now teaching the very thing that held her back for much of her life.  

Donna serves on two boards - Challenge Day, an organization offering programs to middle and high schools, changing the behavior and attitudes young people within one day) and The Center for Spiritual Living Central Texas. These two organizations fill her heart. She lives the vibrant city of Austin, TX with her husband, Tom Parish. As a songstress for the past 40 years, Donna loves to sing as a member of the fun and funny band, The Texas Love Birds. She also loves spending time with Tom and bringing together their ever-expanding family of five children and seven grandchildren!